Lifting Turbine Blades Lattice Spreader and Cradle

Lattice Spreader and Cradle

Lifting Turbine Blades

Usually used for lifting and loading dockside, and for safe storage on the vessel, a lattice spreader beam (and cradles) is the perfect solution for handling blades. Designed and made to order, this system can be supplied in any length and capacity to lift a number of blades at one time.

Lifting Turbine Blades Installation Cradle

Installation Cradle

Lifting Turbine Blades

A Turbine Blades installation cradle is a custom designed and built item to meet your exact project specification and can be designed for either onshore or offshore use. Britlift can also design and manufacture any other type of mechanical blade handling solution you require.

Lifting Monopiles Trunnion Lifting Beam (Heavy Duty)

Trunnion Lifting Beam (Heavy Duty)

Lifting Monopiles

Whether it is a 200 tonne or 2000 tonne monopile, and 30m or 100m in length, Britlift can design and manufacture any type of lifting beam solution for lifting and handling of monopiles.

Lifting Monopiles Spreader Beam (Heavy Duty)

Spreader Beam (Heavy Duty)

Lifting Monopiles

With a standard range of spreader beams from 4 tonne up to 2000 tonne capacities, Britlift can specify, manufacture and supply a modular spreader beam to suit your project requirements, and even specify and supply the slings and shackles (full rig system).

Lifting Nacelles T-Piece Frame

T-Piece Frame

Lifting Nacelles

No matter the weight and dimension (lifting centres) of your Nacelle, Britlift can design, manufacture and supply the system to suit. It may be a T-Piece frame such as the picture, or a Tri-Frame, a standard spreader frame, or a series of spreader beams – Britlift can supply to suit.

Lifting Transition Pieces Bespoke Spreader Beam

Bespoke Spreader Beam

Lifting Transition Pieces

When it is a transition piece you are lifting, may be you require the ability to turn the load, well that’s where a Britlift bespoke spreader beam may come in handy! We can design to suit any requirement, including the addition of tagline points/additions.

Offshore Wind Lifting Solutions from Britlift

Britlift provides special lifting equipment and temporary cranes that are uniquely designed to address the requirements of any offshore lifting challenge. With a full understanding of the offshore environment, we have developed a range of lifting products that are designed and manufactured to suit all wind farm requirements.

Britlift offer a wide range of lifting equipment for the offshore wind industry.

Britlift has seen a major boom in demand for our offshore lifting services. This is due to the increased usage of offshore rigs and energy platforms that require such services. We offer products that are tested and certified, fully compliant with all current health & safety regulations, and ready for your project.

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