Traditional Modular Spreader

8 tonne to 1000 tonne. The Britlift Traditional Modular Spreader beam is available in a huge range of standard sizes and has been optimised to make it the lightest system of its kind worldwide. Off-the-shelf or bespoke.


Lifting Beams

1-3 weeks to manufacture. Lifting beams are common solutions for indoor and other low height (low headroom) situations. They are also often used where multiple bottom connection points are required.


Lifting & Spreader Frames

Lifting Frames or Spreader Frames are ideal for 4 point lifts where there is a low headroom requirement, or where a cascading arrangement of spreader beams cannot be used.


Custom Engineering and Consultation

Can’t find the exact solution you are looking for? Don’t worry, at Britlift we can design and manufacture a custom lifting solution to suit your requirements.


Telescopic Spreader Beam

This telescopic spreader beam system is a made to order item offering maximum adjustability. The ideal spreader beam solution where regular adjustments will be required.

Save time between lifts by using a telescopic spreader. Slightly heavier than a modular equivalent, and made in 3 weeks, the telescopic spreader makes up for these shortfalls by offering maximum adjustability and ease of use.


Easy Hook Fixed Spreader

If “ease of use” and “within budget” are two of your primary requirements then the Easy Hook spreader could be the lifting system you are looking for.

This original Britlift design uses a hook connection for both top and bottom slings making it quick and easy to rig with no loose parts. The Easy Hook Spreader is ideal for one off lifts or repeat lifts where the span will not change.

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