made in britain label croppedHere at Britlift we offer a huge range of lifting equipment including beams, lifting frames and spreader beams. We can custom design and manufacture to suit your needs or off-the-shelf two day supply. Please see below for some examples.

We have a wealth of lifting knowledge, which we provide to our customers to help them choose the best lifting solutions for their needs. We can also offer advice and guidance on how best to use your own equipment, and we’re always happy to share our expertise.

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We’re proud of our high standards of service and unparalleled levels of customer care. We do everything possible to ensure that you’re delighted with the service we provide, from the moment you contact us with your enquiry, right through to the aftercare service.

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Orange industrial pipe section with lifting equipment and valve wheels on each end.

Traditional Modular Spreader

8 tonne to 1000 tonne. The Britlift Traditional Modular Spreader beam is available in a huge range of standard sizes and has been optimised to make it the lightest system of its kind worldwide. Off-the-shelf or bespoke.

Orange industrial lifting equipment with hooks and branding.

Lifting Beams

1-3 weeks to manufacture. Lifting beams are common solutions for indoor and other low height (low headroom) situations. They are also often used where multiple bottom connection points are required.

Orange industrial spreader beam for lifting heavy loads, a key component of lifting equipment.

Lifting & Spreader Frames

Lifting Frames or Spreader Frames are ideal for 4 point lifts where there is a low headroom requirement, or where a cascading arrangement of spreader beams cannot be used.

3d rendering of an orange metal truss structure, for lifting equipment, on a white background.

Custom Engineering and Consultation

Can’t find the exact solution you are looking for? Don’t worry, at Britlift we can design and manufacture a custom lifting solution to suit your requirements.

Orange steel lifting equipment frame structure isolated on white background.

Handling Devices, Skids and More

Handling Devices, Tools and Frames, Cages, Stillages, Skids and Other Lifting Tools/Devices – Designed by degree qualified mechanical/structural engineers

Lifting Tools Header Image

Lifting Tools/Attachments

Britlift can engineer, design, manufacture, test and certify any and all types of lifting tools, attachments and bespoke lifting lugs.

Whatever the load, whatever the weight, whatever the challenge and whatever the environment, Britlift can work with you to design the exact solution required. We can work on small or large batches, prototype systems, adapt an existing design, complete stress calculations/FEA on your load, overcome offset CoG challenges, and much more!


Telescopic Spreader Beam

This telescopic spreader beam system is a made to order item offering maximum adjustability. The ideal spreader beam solution where regular adjustments will be required.

Save time between lifts by using a telescopic spreader. Slightly heavier than a modular equivalent, and made in 3 weeks, the telescopic spreader makes up for these shortfalls by offering maximum adjustability and ease of use.

Lattice Spreader Beam

Lattice Spreader Beam

Britlift have recently brought to market a brand-new size of Modular Lattice Spreader Beam. The larger (LAT-6) 6 tonne WLL capacity becomes the largest capacity (standardised) Lattice Spreader Beam on the market.

Britlift Modular Lattice Spreader Beams are a cost-effective and versatile choice for your lifting needs. The LAT-6 joins the existing (smaller) size of the LAT-3 (3 tonne WLL) in the Britlift lattice spreader beam standard product offering.

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