Lifting Beams

Lifting beams can come in various sizes, capacities, styles and are used to lift all manner of things in a variety of environments. Below are a few examples of the different options available, but if what you require is slightly different then please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or click the button.

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Direct to hook / Strip lug

A direct to hook top lifting lug is the best way to save headroom and often used for lifting indoors.

A strip lug system for top/bottom lifting points is a great way to achieve a flexible and versatile system. Strip lugs can be paired with direct to hook, central top shackle and semi-spreader style lifting beams.

Britlift can design and supply your whole lifting system, including associated rigging.


Semi-spreader / multi-point

A Semi-Spreader lifting beam refers to a lifting beam with a 2 leg top sling connection. A pair of connection points on top of the beam helps to minimise the bending forces within the section and as such a Semi-Spreader will often be a lighter and cheaper option.

A 2 leg top sling will also provide a more stable lift and provides the option for adjustability if using chain.

Rig design required? Ask for details.


Multi Lifter

1000mm and 2000mm long options,

1 tonne, 2 tonne or 4 tonne lifting capacity options.

The Multi Lifter is an off-the-shelf lifting beam ideal for smaller capacity lifting requirements and can be used as both a lifting beam (with central top lifting point) and a spreader beam.

This flexible little system comes off-the-shelf and delivered within a matter of days.


Counterweight Lifting Beam

A counterweight lifting beam is commonly used in a construction environment to lift/install an item underneath an overhang.

We can design and supply a counterweight lifting beam of various lengths and capacities, and will design a bespoke system to fit your specific needs.

As part of the supply we will also design and supply the rigging system with a drawing provided at order for your approval.

Looking for something different?

Britlift can design and manufacture any below-the-hook lifting system to suit any application and environment.

If you have a 2 point lift and no height restrictions then maybe its a spreader beam you need? Visit the products page (above) and click on spreader beams.


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