Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers have similar queries regarding Spreader Beams. In this page we aim to answer some of the more common questions we get asked. Please see below for more information.
What bolts are required for your spreader beam/frame ranges?

All Britlift T-Series Modular Spreader Beams and Spreader Frames come with all the required bolts, plus a spare four/six.  All bolts are off-the-shelf grade 8.8 that can be sourced from any good fixings supplier. All bolt information, including torque settings, are listed within the User Instructions supplied with the beams/frames.

How often do I need to change the bolts?

The bolts do not need changing periodically but should be thoroughly inspected as often as possible.

What happens with the certification if I change the configuration?

Nothing, is the quick answer! As the system is modular it has been specifically designed and certified to be used at all configurations found within the chart in the user instructions.

If you are using it in accordance with the user instructions, you do not need to get it re-certified or tested however, throughout its service lifetime, the equipment will always require pre-use checks before use and, of course, it will be subject to thorough examination at regular intervals as defined in LOLER 98 , Regulation 9. Assembly must be carried out by a and checked by competent person in accordance with LOLER.

Can I sling from the middle (off of a strut)?

NO. Modular spreader beams are designed to see compression, and to sling from the middle (from a strut) would induce a bending stress which would make the beam fail. If you need a central lifting point then please contact us for a lifting beam quote.

Are the Britlift modular spreader beams DNV Type Approved?

No. 99% of the time a DNV Type Approval is only relevant when being used offshore, and usually within the North Sea O&G industry. Britlift can supply a DNV Design Approved/Test Witnessed/Manufacturer Approved modular spreader beam, but it will be made to order (4-6 weeks).

Can your modular spreader beams be customised and designed to spec?

Quite simply, YES. It may be custom length struts, it may be special connections/links at the ends, it might be tag line points, spacers, extensions, complex rigging design, specific quality/standards/environmental requirements, etc.

Can you ship worldwide?

Yes we can ship anywhere around the world! The modularity makes it the perfect system for export. We are always on the look out for distributors and partners, so please get in touch if this is of interest.

How many struts can I use?

No more than 6 struts between the end units. This is detailed within the user Instructions. If this causes you issues on a particular job, give us a call and explain the lifting scenario, we may be able to help!

Does it matter what order the struts go in?

No, not really, but we would always advise to have the longest strut in the middle as it avoids a flange in the centre of the beam.

Why is the WLL of the end pieces only 6.5 tonne when the spreader beam I purchased rated to 13 tonne?

This is because every component is individually rated given that it is modular and is interchangeable. The WLL of the ends and links is always half the full beams capacity (e.g. 6.5t + 6.5t = 13 tonne). The struts do not have a rating because they are not lifting. If you have an offset CoG, make sure one end is not seeing a higher load than its individual WLL.

Please get in touch if you have any questions that have not been answered by these FAQs.

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