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Lifting frames can come in various sizes, capacities, styles and are used to lift all manner of things in a variety of environments. Below are a few examples of the different options available, but if what you require is slightly different then please use the contact form or click the button below.

Britlift offer a wide range of lifting equipment including beams and lifting frames to suit any need.

All of our lifting frames are custom designed and manufactured, and come in a range of sizes, capacities, styles and are used to lift all manner of things in a variety of environments. We supply you with exactly what you require, to fit your specific lifting scenario.

Ease of use

We’re all about simplicity – we have many frames to suit any need. If you need something bespoke then please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to help.

Spreader Frame – 4 top lifting points Rev B

Fixed Spreader Frame

Offering four fixed lifting points in each of the four corners, a fixed spreader frame is the most economical frame available and perfect for project lifting or repeat lifting.

Ideal solution for lifting anything box shaped with four lifting points, where there are not any height restrictions and adjustability isn’t required.

We can also spec and supply all associated rigging including chain/poly slings, shackles, hooks, blocks, etc.

Lifting Frame with 2 top lifting points

H-Frame (fixed)

The ideal solution for a lift with restricted height, a Fixed H-Frame offers four fixed points of lift and can be used with a shackle or a direct to hook connection.

Often utilised to lift indoors, this system is a cost effective way to lift in a manufacturing environment and regularly used for lifting off a production line, handling during manufacture or for loading onto transport.

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Adjustable H frame castellated

Adjustable H-Frame (Castellated)

Offering all the same benefits of a H-Frame, with regards to the 4x points of lift and the low height, but with a huge amount of easy adjustment. This can be paired with either a direct hook or shackle connection lug(s) and/or varying top lifting centres for more stability.

This system is the more costly of the H-Frame types.

Corner Piece

Modular Spreader Frame

Utilising the same modular struts from our T Series (traditional modular spreader beam) range, this is a cost effective way to use your existing fleet of modular spreader beam components.

Using your existing T4, T8, T13, T24, T34, T50 or T70 modular struts you simply add the four corner units to your fleet and you have yourself an adjustable spreader frame. This is a must for anyone in the crane hire or lifting equipment hire sector.

Britlift Adjustable H Frame

H-Frame (Adjustable)

The ideal solution for a lift with restricted height, an Adjustable H-Frame offers four points of lift in any configuration and can be used with a shackle or a direct to hook connection.

This is the perfect lifting frame for when your four points of lift will vary but you would prefer one system to cover all your lifting needs. Great for both indoor and outdoor lifting.

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Adjustable Lifting Frame Struts

Adjustable Lifting Frame (Struts)

This lifting frame offers total adjustability across both width (through bolt in struts) and length (through sliding clamps) and can be made to give 4, 6, 8 or 10 points of lift.

If your load is rather long/wide then this might be the system for you. Utilising struts means that there is no restriction on how wide this frame can be designed and is the perfect solution for lifting modular buildings on site.

Cross beam with sliding clamps

Cross Frame With Sliding Clamps

A Cross Frame offers a multitude of dimensional adjustments and can be designed for various lengths and capacities. Using a 4-Leg sling set, this system offers the perfect solution where quick adjustment and flexibility is required. The design can be tailored to meet your exact lifting requirements, including limited headroom, number of lifting points, etc.

A great option for lifting multiple items where quick adjustment is important.

Dispatched model Adjustable H-Frame

Adjustable H-Frame (Slide & Pin)

Another version of a H-Frame, the Slide & Pin option offers a different method of adjustment than the sliding clamp option depending on your needs. This version of the H-Frame is usually only suitable for loads of 10 tonne or less, and no longer than 4m and wider than 3m. There may be some bespoke design changes we can make though, depending on your needs.

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120T H-Frame

Heavy Duty Custom Frames

Whatever your weight, environment (inside, outside, low headroom, onshore, inshore, offshore, subsea), lifting scenario, dimensions, capacity, standards, etc., Britlift can consult, engineer, calculate, design, manufacture, test, certify and supply!

Standard or advanced quality packs, including but not limited to, calculations report, FEA, ITP, welding procedures, welding maps, NDT/MPI/UT testing, hydraulic or live load testing, and more.

Looking for something different?

Do you have an offset centre of gravity (CoG)?

Britlift can design and manufacture any below-the-hook lifting system to suit any application and environment.

The best solution for your lift could well be something you haven’t considered. Get in touch and let us do the thinking for you, it’s what we are good at.


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