Heavy Duty Racks

Britlift’s custom engineered Heavy Duty Racks can be designed to exactly fit your requirements. With unique designs and quality British engineering and manufacturing, our racks, and storage solutions, are engineered to spec, designed for heavy-duty applications, and to withstand the toughest conditions. Our quality products are backed by expert engineering support to ensure that you get the most out of your equipment.

Below are a few examples of various designs supplied in the past. These items are not products, only examples. No matter the project, environment, lift case, Britlift can design you the most suitable, safe, efficient, and certified attachment.

Contact us with your specific requirements, and our degree qualified mechanical/structural engineers will be able to assist.

p1177 rack

Chain Rack

p1249 rack

Shackle/Chain Rack

p1577 rack

Wall (Bolt-In) Rack

p1605 rack

Free Standing Rack

Yard Material Rack

External Free Standing Rack (c/w Roof)

Looking for something different?

Britlift can design and manufacture any below-the-hook lifting system to suit any application and environment.

If you have a 2 point lift and no height restrictions then maybe its a spreader beam you need? Visit the products page (above) and click on spreader beams.


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