POD Lifting

Pod Lifting Frame


This is the easiest and most economical way of lifting a bathroom pod. Manufactured from stock material this can be supplied within 1-2 weeks. Can be designed to lift as many different pod sizes as required.

The whole system offers flexibility and the adjustable slings allow for an offset centre of gravity (CoG).

POD Lifting
Pod Lifting One over Two


Supplied using our off-the-shelf modular spreader beams, the beams can be supplied next day and the rigging within 3-4 days. A suitable solution if time is tight and there are no headroom restrictions.

A rigging plan and drawings can be produced.

Britlift have designed and manufactured many Bathroom Pod lifting frames – supplying the frame, the rigging, rigging instructions and user instructions. All we ask of you is for drawings of the Pod(s) to be lifted and, if possible, the CoG location and we will do the rest. We can even assist with the weighing of pods to find the CoG if required. Manufactured from stock material, Britlift can supply a lifting frame such as this within 1-2 weeks from approval of final design!

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Britlift can design and manufacture any type of lifting system whether it be lifting a bathroom pod, a residential or commercial module, a container, a mobile home/lodge, etc.

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