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In August 2020 Britlift received a HEAVY LIFT consultancy order from Constructions industrielles de la Méditerranée (CNIM) of France, for the full design of a lifting frame to lift a 284 tonne Superheater in Serbia. As part of this consultancy service phase Britlift produced and issued full fabrication drawings for CNIM to subcontract the manufacture closer to the final destination of Belgrade.

On time and within budget

In November 2020 Britlift won the manufacture, test and certification tender for the same heavy lift project, following procurement process in which Britlift were found to be the most capable to achieve the strict project delivery date and high level quality requirements.

After a 6 week design consultancy period followed by 6 weeks of manufacture, and 1200 manufacturing man hours, Britlift delivered on time and on budget! Designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and certified in-house by Britlift. Advanced QA pack supplied; including detailed calculations reports, detailed ITP, welding maps/qualifications/procedures, test plan, 100% MPI and third party inspection. We even built a custom test rig!

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Designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and certified by Britlift

The heavy lift lattice lifting frame will be used to lift a 284 tonne Superheater used in the 300 million euro waste-to-energy facility in Belgrade. The project will allow the Belgrade city government to close and remediate the Vinca landfill and generate over 80 MW of renewable heat and electricity.

The lifting beam was an incredibly complex design and build, with a huge amount of quality requirements. At 16m in length, and a self weight of 13 tonne, the frame connects directly to the Superheater via 200+ bolted connections (1mm deflection limitations) and be used to lift the superheater into place.

Superheater Lifting Frame

Superheater Lifting Frame

Heavy Lift Testing

414 tonne Load Test

About CNIM

CNIM is a French equipment manufacturer and industrial contractor operating on a worldwide basis.

The group supplies products and services to major public and private sector organisations including local authorities and national governments in the environment, energy, defence and high technology markets.



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